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Troubleshooting un-aged Tapes (Read 1431 times)
29. May 2012 at 16:17

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Hey guys,
Can someone please help me understand how to troubleshoot tapes that haven't aged (but should have aged). I have a few tapes in which all data backup jobs are completed successfully, with a retain date of last year. They are in the "offsite storage" location in Commvault, when they should have been aged and moved to the "scratch / free tapes" location.
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Reply #1 - 31. May 2012 at 04:20

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Have you tried running a "Data Retention Forecast and Compliance" Report? It will give you a break down of the jobs within a tape, as well as a "Reason for Not Aging".
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Reply #2 - 05. Jun 2012 at 20:05

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A couple of common reasons may be...

BASIC_CYCLES -- Job did not meet its retention cycle requirements. More full backup operations are required to meet retention rules. Storage Policies that have retention set to keep a minimum number of cycles will still keep the entire last backup sets for a server even if the server has been decommissioned. The last backup set will be held indefinitely until a new full backup occurs which can't because the server may no longer exist. It is designed to ensure that you always have a most recent backup set. Example: If a server is decommissioned between your extended retention schedules then you will end up with extra tapes not aging due to this dependency because it will keep the last cycle. There are several ways to override this.

REQ_BY_JOB -- Data not prunable by BASIC_DAYS requires this job in order to be restorable. CV will keep all backups that are needed to to be able to do a full restore even if some of them have met days retention. It will keep an entire backup set until all tapes have had time to age because the previous full or incrementals are needed to perform a full restore of the last incremental from that set that may not have aged yet.

You can find more in book online under Data Aging - Troubleshooting
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