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backup retention - cycles & data aging (Read 6552 times)
16. Oct 2008 at 05:22

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We have been having an issue with some of our tapes not being aged out at the appropriate time.  This is mainly happening with our incremental tapes which run daily.

Sometimes they hang around for a week after they should of been aged out, after running a Data Retention Forecast and Compliance Report i have noticed that the tapes have a reason for not aging as REQ_BY_JOB.

Books online say that REQ_BY_JOB means that "Data not prunable by BASIC_DAYS requires this job in order to be restorable"

So i believe this to mean that there must be a job somewhere which still needs these incremental jobs in case in we need to do a restore.

SO i think we have an issue with the way we have data retention setup.

Basically here is what i want to do, its a pretty standard tape rotation setup.

We do daily incremental jobs which we want to keep for 4 weeks
We do a weekly full job which also needs to be kept for 4 weeks
Then a monthly job which gets kept for 1 year

So for the daily incremental jobs, what is the best way to set the Retention rule.  Currently it is set to 30 days 0 cycles.
The weekly job is also set as 30 days 0 cycles.

So whats the best way to set retention for the above backup plans to ensure all tapes are aged out at the correct time
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Reply #1 - 12. Nov 2008 at 02:34

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If you view the contents of the tapes that "should" be aged out, you will see jobs that aren't greyed out (not aged), it is these jobs that are holding the tape open, once you know what the specific jobs are you should be able to easily work it out.

I do however think that the problem may have something to do with how your incremental retention is setup and maybe you should look at replacing it with a conventional 27 / 3 retention - which has the benefit of ensuring that your data is covered by Full backup before it is aged off.
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Reply #2 - 11. Dec 2008 at 09:38

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i was confused by this too as i saw the same symptoms on our system - the date that the tape was due to be aged had come and gone but it still seemed to have live data on it.

this is because commvault works on entire cycles of data - i.e. it sees an entire weeks full + incres as one (sort of). so it won't age the first tape in a cycle until the last tape in that cycles data aging criteria has been met. so for a monday tape, rather than counting 30 days forward from monday, count from the following friday (for example).
this system allows cv to make sure it has all the data it needs to restore the entire week - rather than partial restores.
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